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A team of thinkers and makers. They are responsible for the strategic and overall conception of the company and ensure that success continues.

Manuel Meier

Manuel Meier

Managing Director & Founder

Head of Sales & Marketing

Nico Debowiak

Nicolas Debowiak

Managing Director & Founder

Head of Product

Erman Aydin

Erman Aydin

Managing Director & Founder

Head of Development

Peter Höhne

Peter Höhne

Business Angel

Member of the Board

Marketing & Sales

Excellent ideas also want to find their way to the customer. From the development of new distribution channels to a sustainable communication strategy and long-term customer care – our marketing and sales team forms the bridge between our product and the customer.

Human Resources

In Human Resources, everything revolves around our employees, from recruiting to staff management, to promoting their well-being. The goal: to create a working environment for our employees in which they feel comfortable, can develop further and have a lot of fun at the same time.

Data Science & Product Development

The mission of the Data Science and Product Development team is to constantly develop our product and to master Big Data. With their daily work, the team contributes a great deal to the satisfaction of our customers.

Our background

Team of founders

We are Manuel Meier, Erman Aydin and Nico Debowiak and are the founders of PRODASO. PRODASO enables manufacturing companies to quickly capture and intelligently analyse manufacturing processes. With our secure cloud solution and universal IIOT modules, we provide manufacturing companies with technologies that were previously reserved for large companies due to the implementation effort and complexity.

We come from a generation in which we have experienced digitalisation in various areas, both privately and professionally. It was all the more shocking for us as engineers to experience time and again that planning and data collection in the production area is still expandable in many companies. In the course of various consulting activities and research projects, we quickly noticed the cause of the lack of digitalization.

Companies are faced with the challenge of networking machines of different ages with completely different interfaces and systems. Manufacturing companies in particular are reaching their limits with this undertaking, as they only have limited capacities and financial resources at their disposal.

Driven by our dissatisfaction with the lack of digitalisation in companies, we have made it our mission to help shape the manufacturing of the future with an innovative system.

Be a part of PRODASO

We are an innovative and fast-growing company in the field of industrial digitalisation and we are looking for you! We are not looking for a super hero! We are looking for people like you, who are burning for a steep learning curve in a start-up. We offer incredible creative freedom and trust in our self-designed teams and self-selected projects. With us, every employee gets full trust and a lot of responsibility from the very beginning.
At Jahnplatz in the heart of Bielefeld, we have embedded ourselves in one of the most renowned start-up ecosystems.

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