Production overview in real time

Transparency is the key - visualize your entire production on our platform and create a holistic overview of all processes in the shortest possible time. Thanks to real-time communication between the IIoT modules and the PRODASO cloud, all activities of your production are displayed on our production dashboard.  This puts you in a position to detect irregularities and deviations in the process flow at an early stage and to initiate appropriate countermeasures.




Order overview

Get an overview of all orders in your production from anywhere and at any time with our IIoT platform. Plan your orders with foresight, for example to avoid bottlenecks and misplanning, and thus ensure more efficient production planning. Waste of resources is thus a thing of the past.




Long-term analyses

Through continuous improvement of our technology, you will always be at the cutting edge. PRODASO provides you with findings for the root cause analysis of production processes. Based on an intelligent analysis of historical and current data, processes can be continuously improved in terms of performance, quality and availability in order to increase effectiveness and efficiency in the long term and thus reduce production and process costs in the long term.




Secure in the Cloud

Open Telekom Cloud - the secure European public cloud alternative. The Open Telekom Cloud is a public IaaS product from Deutsche Telekom, managed by T-Systems. The use of standard hardware as well as standardized and automated processes makes it possible to offer cost-effective IaaS for the European market. By operating exclusively in German data centers, T-Systems, as a German provider, meets all relevant security requirements and regulations for the operation of secure IT services.